Welcome To SMK Sultanah Asma Wiki Site!

The SMK Sultanah Asma Wiki Classroom project is an Internet based collaborative learning project using wikis with ICT students in 5 different states in Malaysia. Your school has been chosen to represent the Kedah state. In this six weeks project, students will be grouped with four to five students in each group. Students will explain, explore, and discuss activity sheet from the two modules extracted from the ICT syllabus, namely ICT and Society and Multimedia. This page serves as the central hub for project management and topics concerning this project. The success of this project highly depends on the students wikis contribution in the form of discussion, assignment, self reflection and lastly the multimedia production as the end products.

Listen to my introductory greetings audio:

All the best for making use the Internet for your learning. You will discover wonders in it!

If you have any problem, please email me at norhishamn@gmail.com. You can also talk to me if I am around in the wikis.

Important Announcement!

  • Your wikis sites has been updated for better information and guideline for students
  • Your IBS1 section is replaced by IBS. All of your links has been tranfered to the new IBS section
  • You are required to give your 2cent thought on what you have learned so far in wikis by clicking on the Thinking Thought section. Under the discussion tab, put in your feedback.
  • Now its time for you to start your Wikis 1 individual project. It is due on our next meeting in the week of 09 - 13 July 2007

First Steps On Using Wikis : An Introduction To Wikis

  1. Start your wiki project by describing your friend in the classroom. Further explanation is available in IBS1
  2. Once completed IBS1, create a link to your name in E-Portfolio section under students. Once you have created the wiki link to your name in the E-Portfolio for students section, you need to type or copy the content format in the wikis under your name. Format content is available in Students
  3. Read through IBS3 on the Thinking Thought. Write down what you have learn today on this project in the Thnking Thought section of your individual students Thinking Thought sections
  4. Next you are required to form up groups of 4 to 5 people for this project. Elect the group leader. Put your group name in groups links under E-Portfolio section. The leader need to write all the groups members name in it

Second Steps On Using Wikis : Doing Wikis 1 Assignment

  1. After getting familiar with wikis environment, you are about to do your first wikis assignment. Click the Wikis 1 link for further information
  2. Wikis 1 is an individual assignment. Read through all the overview task given and watch a simple video.
  3. Chose one topics from the given list.
  4. In this assignment you are required to do two task:
  • Write an Individual Report using the format given in Wikis 1
  • Powerpoint Presentation Embed in your Wiki
5. Name your Wikis 1 assignment with your username infront (i.e. AnisWikis1)
6. Put the Wikis 1 link under your wikis name in Students section

Important Notice

  • If you are planning to test and play around with wiki, you can try the Sandbox
  • Use the discussion tab for any comments, ideas and suggestion while using the wiki
  • Always write down what you have learn in the Thinking Thought section under your name wikis in students section
  • Remember to create hyperlink in your work. A website without hyperlink is a 'dead' website.